Sourced from: QLM Label Makers and CJ Labels
LOCATION: Cambodia
QLM Labels
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Sys certification
  • Local Cambodian supplier
  • Prioritises the well-being and up-skilling of staff
  • Outland Denim Designer and Social and Environmental Impact Manager toured the facility in person.

CJ Labels

  • Use environmentally friendly water-based inks on labels
  • Transparent in raw materials
  • OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 Certified
  • Forest Stewardship Council members

QLM Labels Makers are a local supplier, who make the recycled cardboard pocket wraps and woven labels on our jeans. The clean, bright and safe QLM facility has been visited by Outland Denim's Designer and Social Impact Manager. QLM Labels have been chosen as their management team takes a personal interest in the well-being and upskilling of their staff - even providing opportunities to people lacking formal education.

CJ Labels are a local supplier who make the garment care and woven labels for our jackets, as well as Outland Denim swing tags. CJ Labels are transparent in sharing their raw materials and use environmentally friendly water-based inks in creating labels. They are OekoTex Standard 100 Class 1 certified and members of the Forest Stewardship Council.

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